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Sell Table For Trading

Reasoning Behind the Rule

It has always struck me as strange in MR that when selling loot to Natives under the basic rules, enemies will offer the same price as allies. This leads to some abuse as the game progresses. A sly character will sell off his possessions to his enemies at full price before slaughtering them, collect all his treasure, and move on to repeat the process at the next Dwelling.

I have tried the optional Commerce rules, but when selling off possessions in bulk, a character can still expect to make a very tidy profit. So it doesn't really prevent the type of abuse described above.

No more. Using this optional rule severely cuts back on how much even a neutral Native will pay for an item. Players roll on a new Sell Table (see above link to article), and the types of responses you can expect closely mirror those of the meeting table.


1Price x 1/10 OR BlockPrice x 1OpportunityOpportunityPrice x 3
2Price x 0 OR BlockPrice x 1/2Price x 1Price x 1.5Price x 2
3BlockPrice x 1/2Price x 1Price x 1.5Price x 1.5
4BlockPrice x 1/10 OR BlockPrice x 1/2Price x 1Price x 1
5BlockPrice x 0 OR BlockPrice x 1/2Price x 1Price x 1
6BlockBlockTroublePrice x 1/2Price x 1
  • All fractions are rounded up.
  • "Opportunity" and "Trouble": as listed on the MEETING TABLE.
  • On results of "Price x 1/10" and "Price x 0", the character must yield the item for the listed Price (if any), or be Blocked immediately.
  • Items with Conditional Fame can be sold to the named group on the column of the table one level friendlier than normal. If the group is already an Ally, subtract one from the die roll (0 = Price x 3).
  • Visitors buy their listed Artifacts and Spell Books on the Friendly column, using the inflated values from Rule 57.7/3 as the base price, but each character may roll only ONCE, take or leave it (Opportunity = Price x 2). If the Visitor is Friendly to the character, subtract one from the die roll (0 = Price x 3). If the Visitor is Unfriendly to the character, add one to the die roll (7 = Price x 1/2).

Of course this also opens up all sorts of abuse by giving players the option to sell their goods to allies at inflated prices. But this can probably be solved by rolling on the "friendly" column when selling to allies and using the "neutral" column when selling to friends.

All in all, I think when combined with "Extended Grudges" and other such rules, it will make a player who plans on selling off his belongings as part of his victory strategy seriously think twice about jeopordizing his relations with the Natives.

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Page last modified on January 06, 2010, at 02:50 AM