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Modified Firebreathing

By: Deric Page (
Note: I don't know who originally came up with this, but I wrote it down & have used it in games, so I'm archiving it here.

The red side of the Tremendous Flying Dragon Head and Tremendous Dragon Heads do not breathe fire, have the reach listed on the List of Monsters and don’t roll on the missile table. The ‘light’ side does still breath fire and makes a Missile Table roll (as per Advanced Rule 4.6), however a hit by this side does not cause the dragon or its head to flip. In addition, when a dragon breathes fire, it targets all unhidden characters and hired/controlled denizens in the clearing. Finally, if the dragon's body is red side up, its head must also be red side up and does not roll to 'Change Tactics'

Author's Notes: Feel free to use this rule in any games if you wish. Be warned however that it has not yet been extensively playtested, so unexpected results may occur and rulings will probably have to be made on the spot by players. The only thing I ask is that you make proper attributions & that you email me with notes on how the spell worked out in play.

Variant: The red Tremendous side of the dragon head is a firebreathing side, uses the weapon length in the optional rule and uses the missile table. The pink side is not firebreathing, uses the original weapon length, and uses the optional fumble table. The fiery breath still only targets one character at a time. Rationale: Dragonfire is dangerous, but you might get out of the way of some of it, thus Tremendous damage, but using the missile table (which is more forgiving to the victim). A bite is not as dangerous, but harder to avoid damage from (thus the striking weapon table). Had not used the "firebreath does not turn the Tremendous counter red side up" rule as above, but I like it so much I think I will add it to this variant rule.

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Page last modified on January 16, 2006, at 06:52 AM