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Melee Targetting

By: Deric Page (
Note: This was originally written well before the 3rd Edition Magic Realm Rules were published. As a result, all the rule references below are referring to 2nd Edition. Perhaps some day I'll get around to converting the references to 3rd Ed.

This rule changes the manner in which denizens select targets.
Encounter Step - Assigning Monsters
* 22.2/1 and 22.2/2 stay the same.
* 22.2/3 occurs at a later time (see below)

Melee Step

Each unassigned (unlured) and unhired/uncontrolled monster stack or native group gets its own attention chit (using spare attention chits or numbered chits) if it might be participating in the combat. For these purposes, if the denizens are stacked on the Set Up Card, then they are a "stack/group".

When a denizen's chit is drawn, it will be assigned to the last unhidden character or denizen to place an attention chit on it. If no attention chit has been placed, then the denizen will be assigned randomly as in rule 22.2/3. Exception: If the denizen is a member of a native group, it is consider to be "Battling" (see rule 29.1/1) any unhidden characters or hired/controlled denizens that have targeted a member of its group. Natives only attack those characters or denizens they are "Battling" (see rule 30.5) and this supercedes normal assignment rules (including 32.7/2b and similar).

Example 1: The Elf and Berserker are in a clearing with the Company and no one rolled a 'Block/Battle' result. The Elf is hidden. The Ambush rules are being used. No one lures. The Elf and Berserker's attention chits are mixed with a chit to represent the Company. The Berserker's chit is drawn first and he targets CHQ. The Elf's chit is next and he targets C1 and he succeeds in his hide roll. The company's chit is next and they are all assigned to attack the Berserker because the Elf is hidden.
Example 2: The Swordsman and White Knight are in a clearing with the Rouges and the White Knight has rolled a 'Block/Battle' result. No one lures. The Swordsman's chit is drawn first and he targets RHQ. The White Knight's chit is next and he targets R1. RHQ gets assigned to the Swordsman. R1 gets assigned to the White Knight. The remaining Rogues are randomly assigned between the Swordsman and the White Knight. If the Swordsman had chosen not to target any Rogues all would have been assigned to the White Knight. However, even if the White Knight had not chosen a target, the Rouges would have still had him as a target because they are “Battling” him.
Example 3: The Witch King and Black Knight are planning to assault the Soldiers and neither has rolled a 'Block/Battle' result. The Black Knight lures all of the Soldiers in the encounter step. The Witch King's chit is drawn first and he targets all Soldiers with a Fiery Blast. The Soldiers are drawn next and they attack the Black Knight (who lured them). Finally, the Black Knight targets SHQ. If the Black Knight hadn't lured, all of the Soldiers would have been assigned to the Witch King.

In light of all this, the World Fades spell needs to be changed:

World Fades now allows the character to make a hide role immediately after selecting a target (even if using a melee weapon or multi-target spell) so long as no Denizens or Attention Chits are already on his sheet. If the roll succeeds, the character is considered hidden for the rest of the round and may still attack. In addition, if the character is Ambushing with a missile weapon or a single-target spell, World Fades allows a re-roll on the hide table if the initial hide roll fails.

Note: This rule is an alternative to the 'Watchful Natives' rule that I created for the following reasons: The 'Watchful Natives' rule does not change the way Monsters select targets and the 'Watchful Natives' rule severly impacts the usefulness of the "World Fades" spell.

Author's Notes: Feel free to use this rule in any games if you wish. Be warned however that it has not yet been extensively playtested, so unexpected results may occur and rulings will probably have to be made on the spot by players. The only thing I ask is that you make proper attributions & that you email me with notes on how the spell worked out in play.

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Page last modified on March 28, 2005, at 08:23 PM