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3-tier, cleanly separated layers

  • PHP front-end
  • C++ application server
  • Postgres back-end (logic will be in app server; will primarily be types, tables, and integrity constraints, not sprocs)
  • xml/xsd data files
  • use C++ for 'scripting' for now; SWIG could be an option later


Milestone 1

  • Execute map laying portion of beginning of game
  • PHP web based solution
  • Local app
  • Possibly exposed as web service

finish xml data files

  • data for in-game objects (avoid defining effects for spells, etc; just use tags and refer to them in C++)
  • scenario files/structure
  • current game data/structure (based on a given scenario)
  • site-wide data/structure (list of registered players, admins, current/old games, etc)
  • import of initial xml data into db
  • define network messages (rpc calls)

choose network protocol

serialization functions can be generated from the xml API docs

  • Socket (Streams): might be used with the REST protocol

xsd code generator

to generate clean, consistent 'glue' interfaces (eg: serialization for soap, rest, and sql)

  • generate ddl and sql import scripts
  • serialization code for c++/php
  • network code (eg: wsdl)

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Page last modified on July 16, 2005, at 01:25 PM