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Description: The Illusionist is a wily practitioner of mischievous magic who uses his spells to confuse and distract opponents while he explores the Realm for its hidden treasures. He is best suited to avoiding other Characters who can find him even when he's hidden. His ability to create minor illusions allows him to distract potential opponents and run away. Doing so too often, however, will leave him exhausted and vulnerable; without the energy to power his spells.

Symbol: Staff of Neptune

Weight/Vulnerability: Light


   F L4, M L4, M L3*


   1 Spell (VIII)
   Ma II 5*, Ma VIII4*, Ma VIII4*


   2 Spells (III or VIII)
   Ma III5*, Ma III5*, Ma VIII4*


   3 Spells (III or VIII)
   Ma III4*, Ma III 3**, Ma VIII 3**

Start at Inn

Special Abilities

1. Elusive
The Illusionist frequently must hide from those who have discovered his trickery and may record one extra Hide phase each day.:
2. Distracting Image
The Illusionist is adept at minor distracting illusions in order to better facilitate his escapes. He may fatigue an active magic chit of any type to lower the time on a Move chit used to run away by 1. This can only be done once per round, and may only effect Move chits used for running away. This ability has no effect on chits used for Maneuvering.:


   Friendly:  Rouges, Bashkars
   Unfriendly:  Order, Patrol, Scholar

Designer: Deric Page (deric dot page at usa dot net)

Designer's notes:

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Page last modified on February 02, 2017, at 02:05 PM