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Forced March

This is simply a rule to allow characters to move further. (will not apply to hired native leaders moving alone)

Explanation: Normally a character could spend his/her entire turn moving and not feel any penalties, basically walk all day and still be as fresh as someone who simply sat around hiding and trading.

 This optional rule would allow a character to fatigue a move chit as the last phase recorded in a day and move. The move chit fatigued must be at least enough to carry the heaviest item carried. 

New activity. Record FM-(clearing). When you execute the FM activity you must fatigue a move chit in order to complete the move. The chit fatigued must be at least strong enough to carry the heaviest item carried. If you cannot fatigue a chit, the activity is cancelled. The FM activity must be recorded as the last activity of the day. You cannot cancel the FM activity, and you must fatigue an appropriate move chit, if available. Any character following must also fatigue an appropriate move chit for their own belongings. Any who cannot, are left behind.

Thoughts: 1. The dwarf would gain substantial benefit from this.

                 2. White knight and berserker would gain an extra move phase as long as they                       are willing to leave one move chit fatigued.
                 3. Witch king gets left behind.
                 4. Some of the tougher weather situations become manageable.
                 5. Amazon feels less special, but can now move 6 if needed.
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Page last modified on February 13, 2015, at 10:59 AM