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Favorite Characters

Favorite Characters

What is your favorite character to play, and why?

I love to play the Druid. Fast enough to get out of most tough situations, and he works best when alone, like me. I had never played the Pilgrim in a face-to-face game but tried it in an on-line game and loved his Fight M2**! And Exorcise is way cool against anyone who Absorbs monsters. So Pilgrim is a close second. -dwfiv

Seems to me that the Pilgrim, if he can get a decent weapon, could be a formidable combat character. He has H move chits, so can wear armour, and he has some darn good Fight chits as well. If he should be fortunate enough to stumble upon the Crypt of the Knight... ag

I'm really enjoying the Witch right now. With her familiar scouting and peering ahead she is not about to be taken by surprise by a Lost Castle/City chit, and knowing which treasure location is in which tile is nice. Also I really like her spell selection. I take Stones Fly, Absorb Essence and Remedy, two greys, and one black. With her chits she can powerup up each of these spells fairly easily, and same with enchanting tiles. I play with the 'Natives are people too' rule, but there's still bound to be a scrap at the Inn if the patrol shows up, and have found a workhorse/warhorse to be worth fighting for.

Woods Girl for beginner players still unfamiliar with the game. She can outrun just about anything in the first round of combat to get out of a tight spot. Good introduction to the subtleties of the various character strategies (operating alone and using the Ambush optional rule she is a deadly hidden sniper; assasinate the Rogue HQ or Bashkar HQ and loot their horses/ponies for an early movement/armor bonus; hire the Lancers or Woodsfolk and she becomes a force to be reckoned with). Good limited introduction to spells/casting spells/learning spells, with the possibility that your first experience using a mount in the game will be riding a bat (fun). Once she gets her hands on the Medium Bow and a Pony, watching the Woodsgirl and her Woodsfolk allies almost non-chalantly take out a huge swarm of bats or goblins will make anyone smile :)

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