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Expanded Meeting Table Opportunities


If, when rolling on the Meeting Table, you roll an OPPORTUNITY result, you may ignore the OPPORTUNITY and instead take the "2" result in the same column.


I don't care for this house rule. I understand the reasoning behind it, in that players are upset when they roll a "1" for OPPORTUNITY and then end up with a worse final result than if they had rolled "2" in the first place... but to me that seems to reflect how negotiations can take unexpected twists and turns (you get an opening, and then you blow it). -Jay

I may be the originator of this rule. At least, it's one we use in my group. The problem is not that OPPORTUNITY sometimes leads to a worse result; the problem is that it almost always leads to a worse result. -Joel

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Page last modified on January 30, 2005, at 06:41 PM