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Expanded Denizen Manuevers

By: Deric Page (
Note: This was originally written well before the 3rd Edition Magic Realm Rules were published. As a result, all the rule references below are referring to 2nd Edition. Perhaps some day I'll get around to converting the references to 3rd Ed.

This rule expands the Attack/Maneuver combinations available to Denizens in combat. The combat section of the Daily Record Sheet is modified to have 9 pink boxes for deploying monsters in the combat section of a sheet.

So, we go from what we have now:


to this:


Normal rules for placing monsters in the boxes are followed (see rule 22.5).

Of course, this requires a modification of how the denizen's final positioning is determined. I have a new table located here that modifies rules 22.5/2 & 33.5/all and supercedes the Repositioning Denizens rules.

 White DieRed Die
 Starting ManueverStarting Attack
Die RollChargeDodgeDuckThrustSwingSmash

Author's Notes: Feel free to use this rule in any games if you wish. Be warned however that it has not yet been extensively playtested, so unexpected results may occur and rulings will probably have to be made on the spot by players. The only thing I ask is that you make proper attributions & that you email me with notes on how the spell worked out in play.

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Page last modified on March 28, 2005, at 08:23 PM