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Dwarf Short Legs Alternative


This rule seems a little limiting as written. Why should short legs affect anything other than moving? I propose the following to completely replace section 1.1 of the advantage description. Note, no mention is made of Sunlight phases.

1.1 The Dwarf must spend one additional consecutive move phase to enter any non-cave clearing.

This leave the Dwarf unchanged underground, and assuming normal weather, he still only gets two move phases in woods clearings, one per day in mountain clearing (takes 3 gets 4). But other activities, like trading and searching, are the same as other characters.

This rule needs a little adjusting as the Dwarf now had difficulty entering and exiting caves. For example: Dwarf is a one woods clearing away from a cave. He spends 2 phases to move to the woods clearing but can't move into the cave as that would be a sunlight phase.

I haven't thought it through a lot but perhaps he only has to spend the extra phase if he uses sunlight phases.

A similiar limit should also be placed on his double rest ability as it is too strong if the Dwarf can use sunlight phases to rest.

  • This rule, or something very close to it, has been implemented in the program RealmSpeak. It is referred to there as "Productive Dwarf" and can be found in Robin's House Rules optional rules tab during game setup.
  • see also Clever Productive Dwarf for a solution to the cave enter/exit problem.
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Page last modified on December 29, 2009, at 03:36 PM