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The following info was extracted from a thread at BBG

Here is a bare bones description of how they are made. There may be some built in software on Macs that would make this easier.

The recording is not part of the realmspeak app itself. You can use 2 free apps to record the audio and video. I am pretty sure that both of these work on Macs but again I have not tried. Camstudio for the video. Audacity for the audio.

I had instructions made up but every PC seems a little different and I have not used a Mac so you will need to just play around with them a little bit to get used to them. Basically you want to set up Camstudio so that it records your full screen. Turn off the sound recording in Camstudio. It does not work well and causes the video to be choppy. Audacity it a more straight foward you really do not need to change any of the options. You just need to play around with both apps, get used to how to record, save, and export as avi and mp3.

Once you are familiar with both the the apps then you can record. The tricky part of the process is creating a mark to have the audio and video sync. Easiest thing I have found is to open realm speak. Start camstudio -> minimize camstudio. Start Audacity -> While audacity is in the foreground count down At the same time you say sync minimize audacity. In editing this will give the visual and audio mark to cut so the tracks will be in sync.

Patrick Van Beek came up with a great system for making these videos where he recorded one week, then saved his game, then saved the audio and video files. This method has worked out well for me and it keeps the size of the videos down.

If you send me those files I will take care of the editing. GM me your email address and I will send you the instructions to transfer the files. The process is pretty frustrating at first but after you get the first one done it becomes a lot easier. Please feel free to GM or Email me any questions or troubles you have.

-Lawrence Spode (

  • Audio/Video capture for the Mac (not free) using iShowU
  • Free screen capture software for Mac using Danisoft Copernicus.
  • Free screen capture software for PC using Camstudio
  • Free audio capture software for PC using Audacity
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