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Tundra Expansion

Looking over the Magic Realm Weather Cards by (I presume) Jay Richardson, effects of the snow and cold have already been detailed. Would not be that difficult then to impose blanket situations over certain classifications of tiles.

  • If a character is not in a cave or dwelling during birdsong, he must immediately fatigue one asterick
  • Each time a character ends a phase outside of a cave or dwelling, he must fatigue one asterick. If they are blocked outside of Cave/Dwelling before completing their turn, they must fatigue one asterick for each phase lost.
  • No one can hide (in certain snow-covered tiles)

However there will be equipment available from natives that would offset these rules, like Yeti Cape?, Fur Finneskins?, Snoeshoes, and the like, as well a couple of characters (new or existing) might gain optional abilities that allow to ignore certain effects of the frigid temperature. Some new treasures might provide warmth to character/clearing as well as spells (Warm Blood? and the like)

I believe there is a wide enough assortment of ice/cold monsters that it would not be difficult in that regard to filling out the ranks. Quick thoughts include; Yeti, White Wyvern, Ice Drake, Wargs, Polar Bear, Frost Giant etc.

To ease the pain of transition:

Cave tiles will be replaced by Glacier Tiles - grottos in the ice similar to caves

  • Blue Glacier
  • Cronus Glacier
  • Apsley Glacier
  • Mammoth Glacier
  • Aurora Gletcher

Valley tiles will be replaced by Ice Field Tiles. Ice bridges will be represented fine

  • Flickering Fields
  • Walrus Fields
  • Emperor Flow
  • Cascade
  • Zephyr Falls
  • Woods tiles will be replaced Tundra tiles
  • Wasteland
  • Caribou Plains
  • Elk Steppes
  • Mac Kenzie? Tundra
  • Frosted Tundra

Mountains are Mountains. Okay, Montagnes. How cultured.

  • Beardsmore
  • Gunnbjorn Cone
  • Little Snejfeld
  • Mount Vision
  • Nunatak Peak

Was thinking of all the original Realms characters, the one most unlikely to make the trek further north might be the Amazon. Some specialized characters;


  • Great Igloo
  • Trade House
  • Small Camp
  • Large Camp
  • Outpost

Native Groups

  • Nomads
  • Wanderers
  • Explorers
  • Inuik
  • Cheemo
  • Hunters
  • Flensers
  • Troopers
  • Sledgers

To ensure a good mixture of new stuff I plan on keeping roughly 50% of the original items, will request around 25% from Robin's great expansion, take some from Joel's notes and fill in the remaining ones. Maybe ask the mailing list for some ideas...May as well as change the names of everything too. Deft gloves for instance would probably be in the form of mittens for instance. It's really cold eh. Lynx mittens. Yeah.

Want to keep the same ratio though of useless items to awesome items. My guide to this will be at Arthwollipot's Site

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Page last modified on September 01, 2006, at 03:16 AM