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Throwing Dagger

Throwing Dagger

 Missile Weapon
 Length: 13?  less than a bow, for sure
 Alerted Side: negligable plus one sharness star
 Unalerted Side: 
 Cost: 0 gold
 Sold by 
  • special usage note

Ubiquitous just like a striking dagger, only can be thrown and uses the missile table. This means it can used in an ambush.

NOTES: Contributed by dwfiv


  • You might want to limit this weapon to being used in combination with Hamblen's suggested Revised Optional Missile Table (Third Edition, page 84, also find it here Main.OptionalCombatRules ) and/or limit its use against humanoid targets only. Otherwise ambushing and killing ponies, vicious wolves or even unarmored horses on a lucky roll using a throwing dagger seems a bit wrong, even in a heroic fantasy setting.
  • Alternatively you could make this a weapon available only from the Rogues with a base cost of 1 gold. That way players at least have to make an effort/ pay gold to gain this small but still helpful ambush advantage.
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Page last modified on December 30, 2009, at 01:44 AM