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Swamp Cats

Swamp Cat/Black Panther


 Vulnerability: Medium
 Not Armored
 Melee attack with length 0
 Fame 2
 Notoriety 2
 Combat Values light side: M4 3   RED SIDE: T3  4  Medium


Prowls to Swamp (bones) and Special (howl) tiles


It is a Medium creature with a Red-Sided Tremendous Auto-kill ability that simulates the ability to rip out the innards of prey with the hind legs once the intial neck bite has taken place. Quick and deadly, you might want to run out of the clearing. It's tempting to add a chase ability that keeps it prowling if someone runs away.


I wanted a small/quick monster to make the swamps a somewhat more deadly area for clunkers in armour.


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Page last modified on January 30, 2005, at 07:02 PM