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Spell: Shrink
Type/Color: VI/Purple
Target: One Denizen.
Duration: Combat
Description: Denizen is shrunk in size.

Reduce Vulnerability, Attack and Move Strengths and all Speeds of target denizen (including Horse) by one step. Reduce Maximum damage to Tremendous.

Example for Tremendous Flying Dragon:

before Shrink: M3,4 / 6,4
after Shrink: L2,3 / T5,3
New Vulnerability: Heavy and Armored

Example for Order #3:

before Shrink: H4*,6 / T5*, 6
after Shrink: M3*,5 / H4*, 5
New Vulnerability: Heavy and Armored

before Shrink: T7 / H4
after Shrink: H6 / M3
New Vulnerability: Heavy and Armored

Author: Roberto Ullfig

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Page last modified on September 15, 2007, at 12:34 AM