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Description: This aged scholar has come to the Realm to unlock its hidden mysteries. He is well studied and uniquely suited to discovering its lost treasures and can quickly move about its lesser-known pathways. Ill-equipped for combat and of limited magical capabilities, the Sage is best served by moving about cautiously and staying out of the way of hostile characters and Monsters. With a strong ally, however, the Sage can quickly show the way to the Realm's most valued treasures in relative safety.

Symbol: Wisdom

Weight/Vulnerability: Light


   F L4, M L4, M L3*


   F L3*, M L3*, M M5


   1 spell (III or VII)
   F M 4*, Ma III4*, Ma VII4*


   2 spells (II, III, IV or VII)
   M M4*, Ma II4*, Ma IV4*

Start at Inn or House

Special Advantages:

1. Ancient Realm Lore
The Sage has spent a lifetime studying the lore of the Realm and has memorized maps of its ancient castles and cities. The Sage rolls 1 die instead of two when rolling on the Peer, Locate or Reading Runes tables when in a Ruins tile or any tile containing the Lost City, Lost Castle or a Ruins warning counter.
2. Knowledge of the Realm
Due to his intensive study of the Realm the Sage starts out knowing the locations of all hidden paths and secret passages (enchanted and non-).


   Allies:  Scholar
   Friendly:  Guard, Sodiers, Crone
   Unfriendly:  Bashkars, Shaman

Designer: Deric Page (deric dot page at usa dot net)

Designer's notes:

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Page last modified on February 02, 2017, at 02:05 PM