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(this is a homebrew character, but seems apropos to include here for the description alone)

Description: (by John Hickman) The Princess is the favourite of my new characters, as her haughty personality seemed to come out as I designed her. I really like her symbol, which someone pointed me to, and the meaning of it is just perfect. Note that she has no effort asterisks, so she can't fatigue chits to search the Pool or Vault ("As if! That's what flunkies are for"), but then she isn't affected by wither. She has enough cash to hire an allied native group at the start to do her hard work. There is a world beyond the realm hinted at by some of the items. I had the idea of the Princess coming to the realm, going up to a native group and saying, "Hey, give me my sceptre back!").

Symbol: Go back and fetch it!

[chits/items deleted]

Special Advantages:

  1. Royalty (Level 2): She subtracts 1 from all rolls on the Meeting Table. Also, if due to a MR variant, she can't start at the Chapel or Guardhouse, she can have one of them built next to where she starts. ("Don't argue with me, I'm a princess"). Move the dwelling and all occupants to a Clearing that connects to her starting location. This doesn't have to be a valley.
  2. Wealth (Level 4): Once per month, she can purchase any Treasure from a Native Group as a boon. Note that this makes them one level unfriendlier until she pays it back. She's got so much gold at home that she carries the Royal credit card ("Hey, that's MY sceptre!). The natives soon get fed up with her using it.

Relationships (Level 3):

   Ally: Order, Guard
   Friendly: Lancers, Scholar
   Unfriendly: Company
   Enemy: Rogues, Bashkars
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Page last modified on October 31, 2006, at 02:30 PM