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Description: A king of ancient Egypt gets bored sitting on his throne all day. He has come to the Realm to put a little adventure in his life. Pharaoh has some basic military training.

Symbol: Ankh-Key of the Nile

Weight/Vulnerability: Light


   Short Sword
   Move L3*   Move L4   Fight L4*


   Short Sword, Spell (III)
   Fight L5   Magic III4*   Magic III5*


   Short Sword, Camel(L4/H8)*, Spell (III)
   Move L3*   Fignt M4**   Magic III3*


   Short Sword, Camel(L4/H8)*, Two Spells (III or VII)
   Fight L4*   Fight L3**   Magic VII4*
  • Camel: Same as workhorse. Gold value of 0. Cannot be sold or given away.

If Pharaoh is killed, then so is the camel.

Begins at: Inn or Temple of Ra (Chapel)

Special Advantages:

   1. Ra, the Sun God: Pharaoh draws strength from the Sun God. 

For each sunlight phase that Pharaoh executes, he may rest an effort asterisk without executing a Rest phase. (He may still execute Rest phases normally)

   2. Awe: Rolls one die on Meeting table.


   Friendly: Order, Company, Bashkars, Shaman
   Unfriendly: Woodfolk, Crone

Designer: Daniel W. Farrow, IV

Designer's notes:

The Pharaoh's L4 / H8 camel is treated like a workhorse that the Pharaoh can either ride, or use as a pack animal. (You don't expect a king of ancient Egypt to actually carry anything, do you?) His camel cannot be sold. (Would you buy a used camel from this man?) His magic is all gold magic. A king wouldn't touch any other kind.

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Page last modified on February 19, 2005, at 04:49 AM