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Hiring Protocol: Group
Garrison: No
Prowling: Yes
Dwelling: Tower
Relationship: Neutral with all characters

PE 1PeasantM66M66
PE 2PeasantM66M66
PE 3PeasantM66M66
PE 4PeasantM66M66
PE 5PeasantM66M66
PE 6PeasantM66M66

New Native Types:

 Weapon: Striking (Staff) length = 9
 VUL: medium
 Basic Gold wage: 1 Gold
 Bounty: 1 Notoriety and 0 Gold
 Move strength: medium
 Weight:  medium

New Rules

There is no Peasant HQ (Leader) so Trading is not possible.


Use these to help take out Goblin hordes - their long Staffs are longer than most Goblin weapons. Overwhelm your opponent with numbers.


This a place for others to comment on your creation.

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Page last modified on September 15, 2007, at 12:09 AM