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Muck Monster

Muck Monster


	Tremendous Vulnerability
	Not Armored,
	Melee Attack with Length 0, 
	Fame 7 
	Notoriety 7
	Combat Values - they are coming. 


Will prowl to Caves or the Swamps in Robin's Expansion.


  • Tremendous monster that does not die when it takes damage that would normally kill it. Instead it splits into 2 Heavy Muck Monsters and continues to the attack the next combat round
  • Each of the Heavy Muck Monsters in turn split into 2 Medium Muck Monsters when they take damage that would normally kill it.
  • The Medium Muck Monsters are killed normally by taking damage.
  • The attacker does not get credit for a kill unless all 7 Muck Monsters are killed.
  • If the Muck Monster survives combat, it regenerates the next Birdsong as a Tremendous monster.
  • The vulnerabilities at each level are Tremendous, Heavy, and Medium, respectively.
  • This Tremendous monster does NOT have the Tremendous Auto-Kill ability.


I wanted a monster that could not be killed in a single round and would combine the dangers of fighting both one big monster and several smaller ones.


I really like this idea! Very creative, it would be a lot of fun to battle against. You might make the T version slow so that characters can run away from it if they are not prepared to fight it. -Jay

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Page last modified on January 30, 2005, at 07:00 PM