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Monster Template

Template for New Monster Entries


	Armored or not,
	Length and Type of attack, 
	Does it fly
	Fame and Notoriety values
	Combat Values or even a picture of the monster chit


What tile type or game feature will the monster prowl to?
For example, will it prowl to Mountains, Caves, Swamps, Lost Castle, or maybe the Crypt of the Knight?


What special rules are used when dealing with this monster?
For example, is it always prowling or is it a Medium creature with a Red-Sided Tremendous Auto-kill ability?


What is your motivation for adding the monster?
Does it fill some gap in the fauna of the Realm? Is it a nemesis for spellcasters? Is it the guardian of your new treasure site? Does it have some new cool ability? What makes it interesting?


A place for other people to comment on your creation.

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Page last modified on January 28, 2005, at 02:08 PM