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	Vulnerability: Medium and Armored
	Does not fly
	Fame: 8 Notoriety: 8
	Unalerted Attack: H* 5 [Claw] Length: 0
        Unalerted Move: 4
        Alerted Attack: II 2 [Turn to Stone] Length: 20
        Alerted Move: 3


Medusa is intended as a Treasure Site denizen.


Turn to Stone - Grey Magic - Day Spell Character/Denizen is transformed into Stone until the end of the next Daylight period. While Stoned, character cannot perform any actions, cannot block or be blocked and cannot be attacked or targeted by any weapon or spell. Character/Denizen cannot follow or be assigned to any Character/Hired Leader. Character/Denizen is essentially out of play until the end of the next Daylight period.


Difficult to determine fame/notoriety, Imp-like values seem too low. The H* attack is based on the M** attack of the Vipers. She won't necessarily kill you, but she'll make you lose a Day.


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Page last modified on September 12, 2007, at 10:11 PM