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Description: The Marshal's duty is to enforce the laws of the Realm, protect its citizens and track down threats to the peace. He is adept at facing Medium or Heavy opponents, but against Tremendous monsters he needs a heavier weapon, and is ill-suited to taking on the most powerful of beasts.

Symbol: Marshal's Star

Weight/Vulnerability: Medium


   Helmet, Spear
   F M5, F M5, M M5


   Helmet, Breastplate, Spear
   F M4*, M M4*, M M4*


   Helmet, Breastplate, Shield, Spear
   F M4*, F H5*, M H5*


   Helmet, Breastplate, Shield, Spear
   F M3**, F H4**, M M3**

Start at Inn, House or Guardhouse

Special Abilities:

1. Agent of the Crown
Not all native groups respect or like him, but his authority is another matter. Natives are more than willing to help the Marshal complete his business quicker (if only to get him out of their hair), and thus he may execute an extra phase under the same conditions as the Captain.:
2. Defender of the Citizenry
2.1 The Marshal is the protector of those who inhabit the Realm and as a result he may not initiate combat with any unhired native or native group. He may defend himself however, if he is attacked by a hired native or an unhired native group that has Insulted, Challenged or Block/Battled him.
2.2 In addition, in order to more effectively hunt down dangerous Monsters and Characters, he frequently forms posses and may subtract 1 from his die rolls when performing the Hire activity.


   Allies:  Patrol
   Friendly:  Guard, Soldiers, Order
   Unfriendly:  Company, Bashkars, Rouges

Designer: Deric Page (deric dot page at usa dot net)

Designer's notes:

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Page last modified on February 02, 2017, at 02:05 PM