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Magic Bow

Magic Bow

 Missile Weapon (two-handed) 
 Length: 18
 Alerted Side: L*** - Speed 0
 Unalerted Side: L3**
 Cost: 25 gold
 Fame: 6
 Notoriety: 3 

    * Subtract 1 from the die roll result on the missile table.

NOTES: Contributed by DSchroeder

COMMENTS: Basically always alerted. Will undercut archers. Looks innocent enough, but could become a very nasty weapon in the right hands. If it is seen as too imbalanced, try reducing the length (to 13?) so that opponents with longer length get a chance to hit first in the first combat round. Then they die....heh heh.

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Page last modified on February 10, 2010, at 05:59 PM