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Luck Of The Berserk

Realm Speak: Luck of the Berserk

This starts like any good story: "No shit, there we were..."

The Amazon and Berserker decided to team up agains the monsters of the realm in Realm Speak. After nicely dispatching a troup of goblins they decided to get out of that cave and check out the Crag. Immediately a Giant showed up so Amazon lured it and fled back down the mountain while the Berserker killed the Giant from behind. Amazon came back and Berserker attempted to search for the hidden path but was thwarted by the Tremendous Flying Dragon and her 2 babies that showed up. Again, the Amazon lured and ran down the hill. Berserker decided to try taking out mama and her babies so he stuck around and went berserk and tried a free shot at mama, forgetting he could not play a tremendous fight, so round 2 mama and babies are all fighting the berserker. He gets lucky and kills mama but she does destroy his helmet. For some reason (BUG) he can't play any moves, so they peck him to pieces but he manages to kill them all.

Next turn he goes first and just rests 5 times. He sees that demons are across the Crag and he can see the Amazon coming back up the hill, so he carefully rests. Sure enough, the Amazon's noisy climbing brings 2 demons over so Berserker lures the flying one while Amazon lures the other and runs (she's sure getting her exercise).

Well Berserker doesn't manage to kill the winged demon first round and it flips, but good thing Amazon ran because that Power of the Pit would have killed her, but didn't even scratch the Berserker.

Round 2, Berserker has 2 demons on his sheet and 1 is red. However, it's kinda slow so he plays a nice liesurely move while covering himself. He lucks out and kills that demon while the other one sputters something magical sounding that the Berserker can't understand but doesn't seem to hurt him.

Next round Berserker has 1 red demon and it's pretty fast so he has to move his fastest, which tires him out. Both miss.

Next round he keeps running away from the demon and both miss again, only now Berserker, who was already in bad shape from the dragon fight, is too tired to run anymore. Best he can do is play his fastest fight and hope the demon is dumb enough to walk into his blade.

Wow! that was one dumb demon!

Berserker, in 3 turns, with Amazon merely luring and fleeing, killed a Giant, TF dragon, 2 H Fdragons? a demon and winged demon! (sadly the game then crashed).

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Page last modified on October 31, 2006, at 02:27 PM