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Learning The Game

Learning the Game

When someone on asks for assistance in learning to play Magic Realm, this is the basic information used in preparing an answer for them.

Here are some standard recommendations for beginners who are learning the game:

Get the MRIPE version of the 3rd edition rules and the "Least You Need To Know" rules summary. Then do the following for your first few games:

  • Don't write down your moves in advance (there's no point until you begin to understand how the game system works).
  • Don't hire any natives (battles are simpler without natives involved).
  • Don't use magic, or magic-using characters (the magic system is both extensive and complex... learn the basics of the game first).
  • Use a simpler "Sudden Death" scoring while you are learning the game system: The winner is the first one to achieve their Victory Requirements and make it back to the dwelling where they began the game (the victory calculations required by the standard game can be confusing at first).

In the articles section of the Magic Realm page, there are some links to PBEM games that have complete records of every turn, along with maps, battle diagrams, charts, etc. Walking through a few recorded turns of a PBEM game may help you understand how the game works. Many of the articles also contain a lot of beginner-oriented material.

Further Helpful Tips
  • Don't forget to download the redesigned counter set. Adds a lot of helpful info to the counters that the original designers thought unnecessary. Makes learning the game much easier.
  • There are also some video tutorials made by fans of the game that can be very helpful.
  • Another way to learn Magic Realm is to download RealmSpeak and just dive into the game.New!

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