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Heavy Lance

Heavy Lance

 Striking Weapon (one-handed)
 Length: 10
 Alerted Side: H**(horse)
 Unalerted Side: n7
 Cost: 12 gold
 Sold by the Order, who start the game with two of them
  • The Heavy Lance can only be activated when the character is riding a horse; it cannot be used by a man on foot.
  • When alerted, the Heavy Lance's attack time is equal to the move time of the character's horse.
  • Lose one sharpness star if the character is riding a workhorse.

NOTES: A game with knights in full armor and warhorses... but without a lance? A Spear is just no substitute for the real thing. The two sharpness stars represent the overwhelming impact this weapon would have in being powered by a massive warhorse galloping at full speed. The 14 ft. long Heavy Lance should be longer than a Spear and shorter than a Pike... but unfortunately Magic Realm lumps them all together at length 10. Contributed by Jay Richardson.


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Page last modified on February 10, 2005, at 10:55 PM