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The God Squad Runs into Trouble

Posted on Magic Realm?.net by: mcknight on Feb.18 2002,03:44:

Here's a story from the Beginning/Intermediate PBEM game, (

The White Knight, traveling with the Pilgrim, Wizard, and two hired Knights of the Order and feeling fairly invulnerable, moves unhidden into the Borderlands tile with two unrevealed chits on it. Oh oh! The Lost City with Serpents and Demons prowling and our intrepid little group attracts two Heavy Serpents, the Flying Demon, and the Demon.

The Pilgrim is packing "Exorcise" which liquidates Demons on contact, but unfortunately he failed to re-enchant his MAGIC I5* chit after removing the Imp last turn. With no chance of even scratching any of the unpleasant visitors with his Staff, Brother Maynard runs out of the clearing leaving the White Knight, the Wizard, and the two Knights of the Order to deal with the situation.

Since there is no way for any of the four to avoid the Power of the Pit attacks, O2 and O3 lure the Demons since Rust, Forget, Blight, and Terror won't hurt the natives. The White Knight lures the Serpents and attacks the Demon while the Wizard "Fiery Blasts" all the monsters. The Fiery Blast gets one of the Serpents and O2 and O3 get through their Po P? attacks with Forget and Blight, but they are both hit and picked up by the red-side-up Demons. In Round 2, O2 matches direction with the Flying Demon and kills by longer weapon length, but the Demon avoids the both the White Knight and O3's attacks, undercutting and killing O3. The White Knight takes a wound from the remaining Serpent.

Things seem to be under control since O2 can lure the Demon and the White Knight can lure the Serpent and attack the Demon. Weather another Power of the Pit attack, kill the Demon, and then concentrate on the remaining Serpent. At worst the White Knight will get another wound from the Serpent. Just to be safe against a Terror result, the Wizard joins the Pilgrim on the path out of the Clearing.

Things go according to plan as the White Knight avoids the Serpent and the Great Sword matches directions, inflicting a killing blow on the Demon. But the Demon's attack is faster than the Great Sword, so O2 has to grit his teeth against another Power of the Pit. The gamemaster rolls the dice and stares unbelievingly at a (1,1) result! A Fiery Chasm opens, killing O2, the White Knight, the Demon, and the surviving Serpent! The Pilgrim and the Wizard, his robe smoldering from his narrow escape,look back in amazement and start to think about how they are going to manage without their armored bodyguards.

Posted by:bill_andel on Feb.18 2002,08:02

...and of course all this happened while I was on vacation in Hawaii with an alternate playing Brother Maynard for me.That'll teach me to let real life interfere with gaming!

Posted by:Bryan Winter? on Feb.19 2002,11:09

To add even more irony to Steve's account of the White Knight: I was playing that Knight and it was my first game ever!

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