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Fairy Ring

Size: Small
Great: Yes
Weight: N
Fame: 0
Notoriety: 0
Gold: 10
Text: When activated, discard treasure from game and replace with a Fairy denizen counter. Fairy is treated as a hired non-leader denizen (for the rest of the game) of the character that activates the treasure. If the character that owns the Fairy is killed, she is removed from play.

Unalerted Attack: none
Unalerted Move: 6 (Sleeping)
Alerted Attack: N 1 (Claw)
Alerted Move: 1
Vulnerability: Negligible
Weight: Negligible
Move Strength: Negligible
Special: The Fairy supplies Gold magic in her clearing.


A Character can use the Fairy to lure monsters away while he plays his best attack. This is a very powerful tactic - maybe too powerful in this case since the Fairy's low movement means she needs to be matched to be hit. There's no chance of her sleeping if she is on her own sheet. Of course, using her to lure monsters might get her killed and deprive you of her other special ability - supplying Gold magic. If you run from combat and she's not hidden you could lose her as well - so if you want to make use of her color magic make sure you're hidden as often as possible. Being a non-leader denizen, she can be left alone in a clearing and won't be involved in Combat if you're not in the same clearing.


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Page last modified on September 13, 2007, at 10:40 AM