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Hiring Protocol: Group
Garrison: Yes
Prowling: No
Dwelling: Tower
Relationship: Neutral with all characters

EHQEnchantressII 23L2*2

New Native Types:

 Weapon: Stones Fly (unalerted) length = 15; Striking (alerted) length = 0
 VUL: Light and Unarmored
 Basic Gold wage: 9 Gold
 Bounty: 2 Notoriety and 1 Gold
 Move strength: Light
 Weight:  Light
 Special: Rolls 1 die when casting Stones Fly. Only 1 attack per target.
          May Enchant tiles by performing 2 consecutive Enchant phases.

 Weapon: Striking length = 0
 VUL: Heavy and Armored
 Basic Gold wage: 1 Gold
 Bounty: 0 Notoriety and 0 Gold
 Move strength: Tremendous
 Weight:  Heavy

New Rules

This group is meant for an expansion where a sixth valley tile is included with a new Dwelling (Tower). She starts with 2 Treasures and a Staff for sale. She also starts with the Type VIII spell that is normally out of play in the original game. Characters can learn this spell from her just like from a Visitor. If she is killed the Spell does not become available.


Stones Fly ability could need adjusting.


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Page last modified on September 13, 2007, at 11:18 AM