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Description: This shy and elusive creature of the forest has come to the Realm seeking long lost magic and mysteries. She is at home in the forest, knowing well it's secrets. Due to her elusive nature she is often overlooked by the denizens of the Realm. However, when other Characters are about, their clumsy crashing about often draws unwanted attention, so she is best served wandering off to a quiet corner on her own.

Symbol: Wood

Weight/Vulnerability: Light


   1 spell (II or III)
   Ma II4*, Ma III4*, Ma III4*


   1 spell (II or III)
   F L4, M L4, M L3*


   2 spells (II or III)
   Ma II4*, Ma II3**, Ma III3**


   2 spells (II or III)
   F L3*, F L3*, M L2**

Start at Inn or House

Special Advantages:

1. Tracking Skills
as Woods Girl
2. Peace With Nature
As Druid


   Ally:  Woodfolk
   Friendly:  Lancers
   Unfriendly:  Company, Crone
   Enemy:  Bashkars

Designer: Deric Page (deric dot page at usa dot net)

Designer's notes:

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Page last modified on February 02, 2017, at 02:04 PM