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Divine Might

Spell: Divine Might
Type/Color: I/White
Target: One Character, Hired Native or Controlled Monster
Duration: Day
Description: The target of this spell is infused with divine strength. The strength of the target's Move and Fight values is increased by one level (max Tremendous). Once the spell is broken, the target retuns to normal.

Author: Deric Page (deric dot page at usa dot net)
Author's Notes: Feel free to use this spell in any games if you wish. Be warned however that it has not yet been playtested, so unexpected results may occur and rulings will probably have to be made on the spot by players. The only thing I ask is that you make proper attributions & that you email me with notes on how the spell worked out in play.

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Page last modified on February 02, 2017, at 01:44 PM