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Desert Expansion

These are the quickie expansions for mine own amusement. Thank you though, very much to Peter, for a repository for these ideas.

Woods will be replaced by Desert tiles. Hard to get through copses will be hard to cross cactii

  • Sighing Desert
  • Bronze Desert
  • Cherub Desert
  • Wrecked Desert
  • Desert of Souls

Valleys will be replaced by Wadi's. Dry riverbeds filled with sands. Imagine something like the Colorado River with yellow down there instead of sand.

  • Diamond Wadi
  • Hoodoo Wadi
  • Red Wadi
  • Wandering Wadi
  • Parched Wadi

Caves will be represented by Jebels. 'This is a rugged desert hill.. rise up into into eerie crags scuplted by the wind blow sand.'

  • Pyramid Jebels
  • Saidnamyzo Jebels
  • Sleeping Gods
  • Dead Dunes
  • Jewel Oasis

Mountains are Mountains. Okay Jabal. Love the information age.

  • Spice Jabals
  • Vulture Jabals
  • Babel Jabals
  • Mystery Mountain
  • Petrified Jabals


  • Bazaar
  • Small Tent
  • Large Tent
  • Fort
  • Tomb

New expansion characters could include

  • Fortune Teller
  • Gypsy
  • Assassin
  • Dervish
  • Genie/Djinn

Will rename at same ratios as mentioned in Tundra Expansion. Deft gloves, Nimble gauntlets.

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Page last modified on September 01, 2006, at 04:04 AM