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Berserk In The Winter

Berserk in the winter

The winters of the Realm are often long, bitter and cold, and this winter was no different. Sleet and snow had covered the valleys in white and people were looking for shelter in case Mother Nature had worse in store. But this was a time for the Berserker to seek fame and glory. He had arrived in the Evil Valley and was staying at the Inn with the friendly Rogues. Things looked good, he felt strong and ready for exploring and couldn't care to wait for warmer weather.

But that silly helmet! What use was it anyway? If he needed any armor at all, he might just as well get himself a Breastplate at the very least. 10 gold in his pocket did not make him a rich man at this point in time, but with the House nearby, why not try to trade and haggle a little bit and see if there was something of interest – to be acquired now or later – around here? He could always return when the gold poured his way.

The Rogues had already fiddled with a strange instrument and while it appeared to be affordable, the Berserker wasn't that impressed as they told him it was an Ancient Telescope. Hmmmm… peering...if I am looking for adventure, I will seek it right where I am and not look for it in the distance, he thought to himself. That's silly. But the Draught of Speed potion that the Rogues had up for sale could certainly come in handy! But it would only be a one time trick and he was on the lookout for more reliable stuff. Well, now I have seen their wares and that is good enough for me! I must be one my way and have some fresh air and frost in my face. And he bid the Rogues farewell and took off in direction of the Ledges in the north-east. This place might have some proper adventure in store he reckoned.

Well, even with all his drive and lust for adventure, the Berserker also had to obey the harshness of winter and he had to camp below the Ledges, he couldn't enter the mountains in just one days travel. Still in the Evil Valley, he did not worry about beasts or monsters at all, and fell fast asleep with a good spirit and hopes for the next day.

The Berserker woke up early and was delighted by the sunrays peeking through the snowladden clouds. The weather couldn't had been better at this time of year and after having planned the coming day, he grabbed his heavy axe and began ascending the mountains. Because of the cold weather and occassional snow, it took him nearly all day to get to the top, but what a sight! Magnificent! From here he could see across the Magic Realm with his own eyes for the first time since he arrived. And what a sight! The Crags was far away in the south-east, many days travel from here and the legendary High Pass was sticking out on the horizon to the south-west across the three valleys. Thick forests and more mountainous regions beyond. It was so vast and he had just begun his exploration. The vista filled him with joy and energy. But the sun was already setting, he had spent his day climbing the Ledges and these lands were rumoured to be deadly. He had to prepare for the night and while he hoped for some interesting Sites to turn up around here, he should also expect dangerous beast and monsters and he chose to hide before ending the busy day.

The night went by without any encounters. He heard some Slithering down below and noticed a Stinking smell from the mountains, but nothing had happened and he rose up to plan the day ahead. But there wasn't much to go after. From his lookout he couldn't see any interesting Sites. The sight was beautiful from up here, but nothing of interest to an adventurer here at the Ledges. Dang.

The Berserker was already at the edges of the Realm, so he decided to backtrack and head for the Inn and the House once again. From his vantage point here at the Ledges, the Valleys in the south-west were the gateway to the rest of the Realm. And what was that? The Patrol had arrived the Inn. Hmmm… I better see what they might be up to as well. You never know what these strangers have for sale if you don't go and find out.

So back down the mountains and through the snow into the Evil Valley, straight for the Inn. Going down was much easier than climbing up and the Berserker arrived at the Inn in the early afternoon, ready to trade with the new arrivals. But hey! They wouldn't trade with him! Not even an offer. They were quite Unfriendly in fact! So rude. But if the door wont open, you just push harder! That was the Berserkers lesson in life, so he tried haggling some more with these Patrols. No result. They wouldn't even show him their wares. So be it! The Berserker thought to himself, I'll leave them all tomorrow anyway to hunt for real treasure and adventure on my own. They can keep their trinkets and ponies, it's not for me anyway. So he prepared to stay overnight at the Inn to head through Bad Valley towards the High Pass the next morning. But hey! The Patrol now asked him for drinks! How in Hell did they dare! They have been so rejecting and now they asked him for drinks! Hell would freeze over before I will buy any of these Unfriendly folks anything, the Berserker said to himself. And perhaps even a bit loudly, because after he refused them drinks, they blocked him and wanted a fight! Arrrrghhh….! Froth and anger was quickly building up in the Berserker, but confronted with three armor clad Patrols, reason told him to bite the dust and accept the humiliation. Everybody had a laugh at him and he went to bed that night filled with humiliation and anger.

He didn't sleep well that night. He was just beginning his adventure in these new lands and then some arrogant Patrol-men made fun of him in front of everybody! While he couldn't restore his fame in any easy way, he could at least try to get some revenge! But how? They were three against one!?

Woken by the cockrel, the Berserker was early out of bed the next morning at the Inn. But he did not prepare to leave for the High Pass right away. He walked downstairs and grabbed some porridge and ale for breakfast and sat outside in a corner for himself. Luckily those stupid Patrols wasn't around. So while he sat there eating, he was approached by some Rogues and he welcommed them, as they had always been on Friendly terms. They were all a jolly lot and he was certainly in need of some cheering up. And then it struck him! He wasn't rich, only 10 gold pieces in his pocket, but the Rogues were for individual hire, so maybe they could help him to some revenge? They talked about last night, the rude Patrols and everything and the Rogues backed him up. Then the Berserker asked one of them if he could hire him? 5 Gold. Ok, deal! With such a friendly price he soon asked another of the Rogues. Sure. 2 Gold. Deal! Ha! Now he had some backup and maybe a much needed revenge in sight? The Berserker went away with his two new hirelings and prepared for going Berserk at the three Patrol-men and he also had time to prepare his two-handed axe for them! The day went by at the Inn but in the evening, the Patrol approached the Berserker outside in full armor on their ponies and asked for drinks. Hell no! He wouldn't even spend a copper piece on them or share a dead crow. They seemed to understand the message and tried to steer free of the Berserker in order to stable up their steeds for the night, when he started taunting them! You arrogant Patrol-men! You humiliated me last night in front of everybody here. Now I have to revenge it, you leave me with no choice! And before the Patrols could answer back, the Berserker shout out a loud deep groan, his eyes turned red, froth was pouring from his wide open mouth and with his heavy two-handed axe raised above his head, he yelled to his two Rogue hirelings: Get up and get them! They were three against one last night, but let us see how they do in a fair, even fight! The two Rogue hirelings jumped forth and swang their thrusting swords at the Patrols while the Berserker headed straight towards the nearest Patrol-man on his pony.

The Rogues were very swift with their swords and pierced the steed of one of the patrols immediately, before he could do any maneuvre or draw his sword even. The pony cried out, as it was cut open, but tumbled over, instantly dead.

Before any of the Patrol could counter the all-out attack, the Berserker cleaved the head of another pony with a single blow, unmounting the Patrol-man on top of it.

The Patrol who was attacked by the two Rogues, had now drawn his short sword and lashed out, sending one of them dead to the ground. The Patrol attacked by the Berserker, smashed his short sword into the Berserker's helmet, damaging it and leaving him a small wound, while the Patrol Leader decided to go for the Berserker, but missed him out completely.

The surviving Rogue was quick to out-maneuvre the cumbersome Patrol he had unmounted with his partner and killed him straight away before he could do anything.

The Berserker was in a fury now and both his anger and strength were Tremendous. He quickly wrestled his axe free from the pony he had slain and with a wide swing he turned around and pounded it deep into the Patrol Leaders pony as he rode right past him. The blow and swing from his axe was so powerfull that the pony was swept right of the ground and the Patrol Leader rolled into the snow. The Berserker's back was now exposed to the Patrol man he had charged in the first attack and he took another smash on his head, destroying the helmet and wounding him. He was also so unbalanced from his swing that the Patrol Leader managed to thrust his sword into him. But in his Berserk state, these were nothing more than bee stings to him. He hardly felt them and hadn't even cared to out-step the counter attacks; he was already preparing how to slay the Leader in his next move. And so he did. The Patrol Leader had backed off a bit to gauge the situation, but the Berserker rushed forward straight into him, pushing him over and landed the axe in his chest, cutting through the plate armor like it was nothing.

The last standing Patrol was cut down with ease by the dexterious Rogue hireling, before he could turn around and face the danger, thus ending the entire fight in just three rounds.

The Berserker let out a roar that echoed through the valley and the Rogues cheered on the side, clapping their hands, whistling and laughing.

Everybody slept well that night and the next day, the Berserker looted what the Patrols had left. And wouldn't you know? A fine shining Breastplate! For the price of nothing. Hah, those Patrols were just helpful after all.

So, with a new Rogue hireling and a shimmering Breastplate, the Berserker headed south-west through the snow-covered Bad Valley towards the High Pass.

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(PS: if you would like to play your own Realm Speak game in this particular MR set-up you can contact me at "warlocks AT stofanet (point) dk" and I will send you the *.rsgame file)

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