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Barony Expansion

Adventurers roam the Realm, slaying monsters and each other, looting pools and reading runes, an equally adventurous spirit appears. The settlers. Barony is being created to run alongside a normal Magic Realms game. You will control vassals in an attempt to civilize this corner of the world.

(here are some rambling thoughts in e-mail to Robin Warren)

Fascinated as I am with the Realm I've begun developing rules for a Baron/Duke to begin ruling a portion of the realm. Vassals will move about collecting resources, guards will patrol the kingdoms perimeters, blacksmiths will craft armor/weapons for sale for adventurers etc. A civilized tile will hold seven clearings, of which all of them can be developed for use (like market/forge/tower/farmland/temple etc.)over time. While a game of MR is going on, the hamlet will grow a bit and after the session, its progress is recorded, so the hamlet will after years of game session perhaps become a village.

(Aug 5/06)--Just throwing down some of my notes that I scribbled down.

Vassals 'V'chit - Each Barony starts with 3-5 (needs playtest) Each vassal can move 1 clearing, work 1 clearing/dwelling.

At end of each week/month roll for specializtion 1-5 Vassal promoted (Barons choice of Vassal) 6- Nothing

Specialization leads to career and cannot be reversed. Some careers have multiple levels (**) that require successive promotions.

  • Guard **(patrols boundaries/Guard-Veteran-Sargeant-Captain-Hero)
  • Blacksmith **(works in the Forge Dwelling)
  • Workers(Miner/Lumberjack/Farmer/Hunter+Stalker/Carpenter/Mason/Prospector) (Specialized resource gatherers/resource users)
  • Taxman If in same clearing as character may tax character
  • Surveyor (expands boundaries of Barony)
  • Merchant **(works in the Marketplace Dwelling)
  • Clergymen ** (works in temple-Novice-Acolyte-Priest)

Some types of civilized dwellings

  • Marketplace
  • Forge
  • Tower
  • Barracks
  • Wall Section (wood/stone) stop non-flying wandering/raiding monsters
  • Fort
  • Settlement
  • Farm


  • Wood- (any wooded tile/chance in others)
  • Ore- Caves/Hills
  • Rock- Mountains/Hills
  • Food- Plains/Woods/River/etc.


As a clearing is harvested/worked it runs out of resources, requiring the Barony to extend its boundaries and go farther afield, which also slows things down. Thinking of depletion counters that are only recharged during specific seasons (a computer would probably handle the charts I'm envisioning with regards to when farms could be worked for resources but we'll see)


Wealth Seeker



Baronies are placed last after board is set up. One civilized tile is placed by Baron, and one connected plains tile.

Aug 6/06-

Adventurer interaction with barony:

  • i) Patrol borders
  • ii) Carry resources
  • iii) Train vassals
  • iv) Wage war vs. another barony
  • v) cheaper goods than natives/full heal dwelling
  • vi) Undertake quests for Baron, in which character will receive some equipment

Vassal-Freeman (begin specialization)

Fortification levels

  • L-Pallisade
  • M-Watchtower
  • H-Outpost
  • T-Fort
  • E(Extra-ordinary)-Castle
  • G (Gigantic)- Fortress

Lairs---Spawn patrolling monsters that move about

Built/purchased only in Hamlets:

  • Wagon- Carry more treasure
  • Canoe/Row Boat- Move from water clearing to water clearing. When river tiles are placed the flow of the current has to be determined. Water vessels moving with the current require 1 action per clearing, while going against the current requires 2 and fatigues a chit.

Fame for Hamlet/Barony: (this is going to be a heavily modified chart)

  • +1 each gold spent by character in Hamlet
  • +1 Each additonal Vassal that moves to the Hamlet
  • +variable Individual buildings
  • +variable Assigning quests/Rewarding success
  • +1 for each fame point of magic items residing in the Barony's vault

Each civilized tile may contain ONE of the specialist buildings: (one of each will probably be a doable wilderness dwelling too)

  • Wizards Tower-Buys/sells Treasure. Casts experimental spells on a weekly basis (for research) (may be able to exchange a magic chit for another type, like getting rid of a II for another IV)
  • Alchemists Lab-Potions for sale
  • Enchanters Guild-Hideoulsy expensive, but can order in from the big city any magic item needed. Also creates minor magic items that the Barony can opt to purchase at below cost and can then sell to adventurers, or add it to their treasure chamber. Reasonably prioed experimental non-official magic items will also be sold here for play-testing)
  • Library- Characters may attempt to learn spells here (at a cost). Quests may also be picked up here in-game as the character is finally able to glean needed information. Characters can also sell spells here if the Library does not have a copy of it
  • Workshop- Creates master-craft equipment which is more resilient for sale. Also some various other benefits.
  • Gladiator Arena/Dojo/Barracks- Increases promotion of vassals if Guard profession is chosen for them. Characters may also train here. Will have to see how this works, after training for a certain time, may lower time or increase power on one fight chit.

Characters can also bet on some monster on monster action.

_______________________________________________________________________________________________I have absolutely no zero programming knowledge, but as I like challenges a current one will be to create just a combat simulator for MR. So that I/others can pop in whatever made-up character or monster we want to try out and go through the entire sequence.(and of course to practice combat) Perhaps there's a way to do it in Realmspeak with the cheat option, but I haven't tried that yet, and not sure if it allows you to plug in your own values. _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Fully developed city tile: Pavis

  • Temple (level 4 chapel-church-monastery)
  • Market
  • Smithy (level 2 forge-smithy)
  • Farm (provides 1 food/day when worked max 2 workers)
  • Settlement (allows 10 vassals)
  • Wizards Tower (the great sage Tvw in attendance)
  • Castle (level 4 defensive structure)

Barony Playtest

Additional Warning Chit Sounds

Playtest Characters

New Tiles

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Onions Expansion

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